Interesting things to do

In the vicinity there are numerous activities for different ages, fancies and tastes. Here are just a few...


  • We have nice maps for bicycle tours in the Kingdom of Crystal
  • Bring your own bike or rent from us: SEK 200/day


  • Bathing in nearby Lake Skruv, 3 km
  • Outdoor swimming baths at Kosta, 30 km
  • Adventure Pool at Tingsryd, 45 km


  • Fishing lake with game fish at Skruv, 3 km. Here you can hire a fishing rod, buy a fishing licence. Cost SEK 100/day and valid for two catches. Read more at www.skruvsfiskeklubb.zoomin.se
  • Hire a fishing rod at the B&B and go fishing on Ljudersjön, 1 km


About 3 km away is a proposed bird sanctuary with newly built observation tower
Emigrant district's observation tower Vidasjön


Emigrant Trail runs right through the yard ... it's just toput on your boots. Read more under The Emigrant Trail = in swedish Utvandrarleden

Picking berries and mushrooms

Nature is our nearest neighbor. Bring baskets or borrow  from us and go out in the woods


Hire a court and play tennis at Skruv, 3 km

Hiking Trails

  • 2 km trail - for those of you who want a shorter stretch  
  • 17 km trail - here you pass e.g. Korpamoen [Oskar's homestead in ‘The Emigrants']
  • 25 km trail - with clear traces of the storm ‘Gudrun'
  • The Emigrant Trail (120 km) - the scenic trail that goes between five accommodation facilities

    You can read more at www.utvandrarleden.se


  • The Kingdom of Crystal - the hostel lies in the heart of Sweden's glass-making district. The nearest glassworks is at Skrufs Glasbruk, 3 km. Read more at  www.glasriket.se
  • Ateljé Vidagård, hand-painted presents and a café at Vida, 2 km. Read more at www.ateljevidagard.com or www.barnmobler.nu 
  • Acquire brand items at low prices at Kosta Outlet, 30 km
    Read more at www.kostaoutlet.se

Handmade paper mill at Lessebo

In Lessebo (9 km from Grimsnäs) is Scandinavia's only handmade paper, that are in operation.
Hand Paper Mill have found since of 1693. Today, the paper that is used as stationery, to contract and watercolor paper.

You can book into groups and for a certain payment to learn the basics and then make your own handmade paper. Read more at https://lessebohandpappersbruk.se and contact them for more information.

Beer tasting

We can arrange beer tasting for groups.